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Chipset Motherboard component

Chipset Motherboard componentMost desktop computers are escorted by several pieces of silicon on top of the motherboard. “Specification Application Specific Integrated Circuit” or ASICs otherwise known as chipsets. The chipset is a small electronic circuit, packed with lots of transistors. The chipset also determines the type of memory that can be used by the motherboard, the speed of delivering data between the “hard drive” and the system and escorts all the devices that are in expansion slots. In general, the main functions escorted by the chipset are compatibility, expandability and memory.

The chipset has several functions, for example:

– ROM chips to store BIOS.
– Chipset which normally consists of two northbridge and southbridge
– Chipset also functions to bridge the data flow and manage and control several major components and additions to the motherboard.

On the motherboard there are 2 types of chipsets that can be said to function as the commander in chief of a motherboard system. But now, there are many motherboards that use different chipsets. The type of chipset that will be used on the motherboard will determine several things, including:
• The type of processor that can be used
• Type of memory that supports PC systems and their maximum capacity
• Complete I / O that can be provided
• A type of display adapter that can be used
• Data width on motherboarad that can be supported
• Availability of additional features (eg LAN, sound card, or onboard modem).

Chipset is divided into 2 types, namely:

– Chipset Northbridge
This chiset is the main “bus controller” circuit such as memory, cache and “PCI Controller”. It may have more than one “discrete chip”. All chipsets are called primary or the largest north bridge chips. For example: “FW82439HX” signifies a PCI 430HX PCI set.

– Southbridge Chipset
This chipset refers to non-essential controllers such as EIDE and serial port controllers. It has only one “descrete chip” and may be substituted for different chipsets, for example Sis 5513 Intel PIIX.