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Use of Computer definitions in the Learning Process

Use of Computer definitions in the Learning ProcessComputers are human works that are used in various human works, including in the field of education. In the field of education, computers as a result of modern technology are very likely to be used as educational tools. Especially in learning, computers can be used to convey information or ideas contained in learning to students. In addition, the computer can be used as a medium that allows participants to learn. This is very possible, because computers has the ability to combine text, sound, color, image, movement, and video, and interactive processes.

In general in the field of education, the use of computer-based technology is a way to produce or material using wireless sources, where information or material is delivered in digital form, not in printed form. Various types of computer applications in education are known as “Computer Instruction Assistant or Computer Assisted Learning. “In computer-aided learning, students face and connect directly to a computer. Interactions between computers and students occur individually, but what a student does will be different from what other students experience.

Computer-assisted teaching instructions that have been developed lately and have proven useful for learning. Computers can help students and in the future, are expected to help thousands of your students. Criswell (Munir, 2001) uses (computer assisted instruction) or (computer aided learning) as the use of computers in delivering material using participants and allowing feedback.

Computer Features

Computers are becoming popular as learning media because computers have features that other learning media do not have before the computer age. Computer features,revealed as follows:

Interactive relationships: computerization creates a connection between stimuli and answers, and can encourage inspiration and increase interest.

Repetition: repeat is needed. Also to learn the learning process and improve memory. In repetition, it is necessary to have the freedom and creativity of the students.

Feedback and confirmation: media computers help participants automatically feedback on lessons with positive responses given to students who provide answers.

advantages computer

In addition to having privileges, computer-assisted learning according to Nasution (1994) has several advantages, including the following:

– Computers can help students and teachers in learning, because of computers, “patient, careful, have a perfect memory”. Computers are suitable for remedial training and teaching, because no teacher can provide training without feeling tired like a computer.

– Computer-assisted learning has many capabilities that can be used to reproduce images, and images that are impossible for humans to master.

– Computer assisted learning is very flexible in communicating and can be arranged according to the wishes of the curriculum designer or compiler.

– Computer-aided learning and teaching by teachers can complement each other. If the computer cannot answer student questions, the teacher will answer automatically. There are times when the computer can provide answers that cannot be answered immediately by the teacher.In addition, the school can also evaluate the learning outcomes of each student immediately.

With the right of the computer, the computer system can do coding directly to participants …


Digital Camcorder computer hardware definition and types

computer meaning pptBut, location – like space and time themselves – is a mere convention. At the particle level, realizing one’s location is a tricky organization as it precludes info about other properties of the object becoming observed. Embryonic quantum machines and quantum computer systems already make use of this truth: that the creating blocks of our globe can not be properly situated in either space or time (a phenomenon known as entanglement ).

A simple definition of flying simulator describes it as a method that realistically recreates the knowledge of flying in an airplane. The range of flying simulators accessible on the industry these days is quite wide. Beginning from straightforward computer games all the way to sophisticated airplane cockpit replicas controlled by advanced computer software systems.Digital Camcorder computer hardware definition and types

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Adware, Spyware And Personal computer Viruses Explained definition of computer networks

computer software definition pdfEasy installation- AVG antivirus plan is accessible with easy installation method. An person does not require to have many technical abilities to make the computer software run on the pc device. All one particular demands is to stick to some simple methods of installing AVG to the Computer. But, if something bothers with the method, AVG Tech Support is usually offered with full assist.

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Whilst most folks use the term computer virus to loosely define all software program threats, it’s not complete correct. Malware is most likely a much more correct definition. Maware generally comes from MALicious Application – software program that was designed with the major objective of destroying, harming or stealing. Luckily the law intervened and along with anti-virus software program the threat posed by laptop viruses …


Get The High Definition Video Recording With Digital order computer hardware meaning

definition of computer networkingYet, location – like space and time themselves – is a mere convention. At the particle level, understanding one’s location is a tricky company as it precludes details about other properties of the object becoming observed. Embryonic quantum machines and quantum computer systems already make use of this fact: that the building blocks of our world cannot be efficiently situated in either space or time (a phenomenon identified as entanglement ).

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2. HDMI stands for high-definition multimedia interface and DVI implies digital visual interface. Each of them supply the best connection for HD Tv. Some high-finish video cards on computers will have HDMI ports on HD Television-sets. A lot of occasions, MAC computer systems will have DVI ports that allows a connection to your television’s HDMI port-employing an HDMI-to-DVI cable or adapter. For a utilized HDMI connector, it could run below $ten.00 and a new one particular can cost more than $ten.00.

Malware Removal Tool Can Save Heart Of Pc simple definition of a computer server

computer ethics definition pptAn artistic design and style in the 21st Century is extremely influential. It is sad that most designers and (even) design gurus think that the coming of potent computer systems and software tools could really compensate for a lack of artistic capability or inadequate information of design principles and processes. Let us also not neglect that a man becomes more inventive when his capacities are not bounded by restrictions, when he is capable of manipulating impressive tools not to conceal his creativity but to improve it a lot more. It can be mentioned that it is by way of these higher-technology graphics can an artist be capable to use his artistic prowess much better to reach people in new methods, to draw men and women closer into their art, and to add to a viewer’s sense of self-worth.

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The term S-Video is a portmanteau of the words Super …