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Basic PHP Tutorial for Beginners

PHP is a programming language that is very popular among web developers. The conveniences provided by the PHP programming language do have a special appeal for programmers, with the PHP programming language we can develop our website dynamically.Basic PHP Tutorial for Beginners

Understanding PHP
PHP (Hypertext Prepocessor) is a programming language that is widely used to handle the creation and development of a website and can be used in conjunction with HTML. PHP was created by Rasmus Lerdorf for the first time in 1994. Initially PHP stands for “Personal Home Page Tools”. Subsequently changed to FI (“Forms Interpreter”). Since version 3.0, the name of this language was changed to “PHP: Hypertext Prepocessor” with the abbreviation “PHP”. The official PHP site is located at

PHP is a server-side language for web programming which was originally a CGI program that was specifically intended to receive input through the form that the browser displays. PHP is said to be a server-side language embedded script language, which means syntax and the command given will be fully executed by the server and sent to the client computer in the form of HTML language.

The advantages of PHP
Some of the advantages of PHP from web programming languages ​​include:

PHP programming language is a scripting language that does not do a compilation in its use.
Web servers that support PHP can be found everywhere from Apache, IIS, Lighttpd, to Xitami with relatively easy configurations.
In the development side it is easier, because of the many mailing lists and developers who are ready to assist in development.
In terms of security, PHP is the easiest scripting language because it has many references.
PHP is an open source language that can be used on various machines (Linux, Unix, Macintosh, Windows) and can be run runtime through the console and can also execute system commands.

PHP function
PHP functions as a script language programming shortcut. On the other hand PHP is also used in inputting data into a database system. Besides that, it can also function as a cookie and session management in various applications and produce images.

Why PHP?
PHP is the most widely used web programming language and has a very large community, so php is easy to learn. In addition, PHP is a multi-platform language that can run on various operating systems. PHP code is stored as plain text in ASCII format, so PHP languages ​​can be written with various text editors in various operating systems.