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Programming SAP Business how to make it talk to External Application or Data File

Programming SAP Business how to make it talk to External Application or Data FileSoftware Development Kit has code samples, objects and methods descriptions. Code samples are in VB and C# and this is why we are recommending these programming languages however if you are comfortable to read code sample and translate them to your preferred language such as Delphi for example we do not see the problem. Let’s take a look at generic customization and how it is typically designed:

1. User defined tables and fields in settings. SAP BO is catching new trends in Small Business ERP and accounting software where you can modify existing tables by adding user defined fields. Plus you can introduce new tables. What is amazing and could be categorized as innovational is the fact that these user defined objects automatically receive user interface. We recommend you to design custom tables and new user defined fields to existing tables and use these objects as the base for custom integration

2. Software Development Kit. Now is the time to animate user defined objects with custom logic. Modern days modifications are programmed by example and we recommend you to open SAP B1 SDK Help Center and review code samples, getting started, developer guide and customization tools

3. Programming cross platform integration. In late 1990th the battle between Microsoft Windows and UNIX and such popular directions as Java, EJB, Linux was in full swing. However with invention of XML and SOAP Web Services the difference was deemphasized and if you are generic programmer you should not probably be attached to one platform or programming language. Think about creating web service from Windows 2008 hosting server and calling it from Linux box where you may have ecommerce portal hosted in MySQL

4. What is not recommended? If you are experienced Microsoft SQL Server DBA and versatile with advanced level SQL Stored procedures and Insert statements we could respect the temptation to program integration directly via SQL data update or feed. This is not recommended as SB1 has three tiers architecture including application server responsible for interaction with database. Better idea is to communicate with database via SDK methods. If Watchdog service is running it will report direct DB intervention to SAP

5. Alternative to SDK. It is possible to setup integration directly in Data Transfer Workbench either by filling CSV templates or imitating them via ODBC connection in SQL View. DTW is very simple and straightforward migration tool which is typically deployed in initial data conversion. ODBC option is a good chance for this tool to demonstrate itself on the ongoing integration market

6. Third party integration modules. Each Corporate ERP platform is trying to keep ISV channel robust and friendly. If you feel that your customization needs are not addressed feel free to search through that channel…


Do You Need Computer Repair?

Google Empowers Small Business – How Google Can Help You and Your Company Save on IT Infrastructure

The new buzzword in IT has been dubbed ‘Cloud Computing.’ You probably can guess what it means, however you might not recognize that you might be actually using it now. As a principal with a multi-regional computer service provider, it’s my belief that Cloud Computing will be the next territory to be conquered in computer networking technologies.

Do You Need Computer Repair?

– For PC maintenance, it is possible to consult some type of computer repair company

– There is no dearth of online computer repair companies and every one of them offer various tech support intends to laptop computer users

– For computer maintenance these companies have excellent reputation

– They offer tech support service at the affordable cost which is available round the clock

– If you don’t wish to appoint such company, you can perform PC maintenance task on your own

– In this article you’re going to get some useful PC maintenance tips

Credibility within the Age of the Internet

The answer is easy once the computer is branded and possesses the local service center. Service centers get the best option when providing repairs. Their repairman is generally taught to troubleshoot many. For example, Apple has service centers to help and supply repairs for users of their products. They have great experience with handling repair for Apple computers as they already went through a training particularly for their type of products. Also, parts replacement is much easier given that they have direct exposure to the producer of the product. The best part about this is that if the strategy is still under warranty, the repair fee may be waived. They can repair the computer with no charges. – The help provided by a pc service could be remote access help, or online help, or onsite help

– In remote access help the computer companies can log in to the system using the IP address and password and do the repairing

– Or they will often give online guidance through live chat about how you’ll be able to rectify the problem

– Both these solutions may work according to the sort of problem and your capability to go ahead and take guidance written by the net expert

Laptop repairs-laptop repair is a growing niche inside computer market. Laptops fulfill a sizable need inside our fast-paced society. You sit, do your projects, close shop, and begin the following location. Well along the way your laptop is more susceptible to damages associated with said movement. You’ll probably drop it, shake it, or slam it against something at some point. With that in mind, these lenders often concentrate on laptop repairs.…


Computer business applications Enterprise Purposes Function using the Faculty of Environmental Environment

Computer business applications Enterprise Purposes Function using the Faculty of Environmental EnvironmentThe Business and Computer applications Requires Division develops students who’re revolutionary thinkers, efficient communicators, responsible citizens, and lifelong learners by means of combining utilizing business applications practices and expertise to resolve troubles, speak firmly and produce economically conscious citizens who’re able to react to society international adjustments which can be consistent. The last segment incorporates the objectives of enterprise-level computer software applications, for instance these within the areas of useful corporate resource organizing, enterprise content management, business applications management courses and product life cycle management. This function is intensive in scope, and normally includes modules that add original features, or incorporate the functionality of a third celebration pc system.

The Business applications Analysis Certificate permits students to focus on certain disciplines. These packages will appeal to mature students that have worked. The collection is likely to be obtainable at night within a two or three year rotation that is determined by discipline. Some applications may also be accessed by remote training. All applications in The Business applications Study Certificate need the usage of a computer technique. It really is strongly recommended that students without having a laptop expertise are filled with computer level courses of persons who’ve no expertise earlier than beginning their plan or at the starting of their plan.

Two-year Laptop Application in Corporate Affiliates of Utilization Science Diploma which consists of discovering out ways to resolve business problems utilizing computer software, managing facts for choice making, and collecting statistical reports, spreadsheets, displays, publications, and web page cleanups. Specific options may also be taken.

Factory accounting computer software is the most popular amongst early firm computer software, and consists of standard ledger automation, installed house stock ledgers, accounting ledgers, accounts receivable ledgers, and debt ledgers (including salaries, life insurance, overall health insurance ), federal and state insurance and pensions).

But there is certainly nothing at all inside the history of business software that has a worldwide impact on the web, with e-mail and its internet site that now serves the interests of market around the world. Globalism in business truly arrives when the internet becomes a household phrase.…


The very best computer monitors for students and professionals

Even though you commit much more time on a smartphone than on a computer, the computer remains a essential piece of technology for finding out and operate. To make by far the most of one’s laptop or Computer, a high-quality computer monitor is vital.

Many people will want a modest monitor to match on their dorm room or dwelling workplace desk, but other folks may possibly want a wide screen monitor to open quite a few windows side by side around the screen. Pros or students who concentrate on graphic design and style, photography, or video might will need a curved screen, a 4K resolution screen, or maybe a host of other high-end show choices.

The very best computer monitors for students and professionals

With a great number of higher top quality and sharp displays available on the market, you shouldn’t possess a trouble getting an incredible computer monitor for the dorm area or workplace. Even though you might have a laptop computer, you can plug a large screen computer monitor into it and get quite a bit much more screen space than the laptop can deliver.

Do students need a monitor?

It is obvious why an expert would want a monitor to acquire perform done on the job or in their home workplace, but computer monitors may be helpful for college students, also. Students is going to be employing computer monitors for any wide variety of factors, a number of these reasons will be key for the advancement of their education and some might be fantastic for blowing off steam. Hopefully much more on the former, but all of us know it might be a lot more on the latter.…